Snow Days!

Flurries of snow came with the freezing weather this week – but neither the arctic temperatures nor the white stuff daunted Mark Martin and his team.

The result of their work: A shed filled with bookcases.

And it turns out that Much Ado staffers were not to be outdone – no sooner were the bookcases installed than David Newman and Kay Hussey rolled up their sleeves and set to work cleaning shelves and – hooray! – shelving books.

Uppercase and Flow . . . Distracting our contractors?


The latest issues of both Flow and Uppercase have arrived. Hope they don’t distract our builders too much!

Envious of Mark (he’s reading Flow No. 20) and John (inspired by Uppercase No. 36)? You can have us post copies to you – click here to see our webpages with ordering details . . .

Contractors Move In

Painting in yardWe hardly had a chance to catch our breath when our contractors descended, screwdrivers at the ready.

In short order everything was happening, just as we (more or less) planned. The chaos is slightly alarming, of course; packing all our books away feels somehow . . . wrong. But we are heartened by the steadfast optimism of Mark Martin, who has been dealing with our most challenging projects for at least eight years now. Nothings seems to phase him. Good thing, too – we’ll be testing his patience in the coming weeks . . .

Measuring up

Min measuringMinnie Kemp has brought a touch of modern-day magic to us in the form of Computer Aided Design.

The interiors consultant and all-around-charmer used a laser device for measuring – except when she used an old-fashioned measuring tape, which she said (whisper it!) is sometimes better.

Her sister Willow made a special appearance to help hold the measuring tape; and Alex Ward (that’s the back of his head you see here) performed heroically as well.

Min pronounced herself satisfied after two hours of measuring . . . followed by another half hour the next morning. Apparently a computer is now hosting an exact lay-out of the place. What Min will do next is anybody’s guess – but we’re looking forward to it!