A Fizzy Night!

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Author Jonathan Ray was both entertaining and informative, taking to the stage on 6 February to share favourite fizz tales with almost 50 appreciative fans.

Jonathan provided five different bottles of fizz for us to sample. The Drinks Editor of the Spectator discussed his father’s influence; the little-known pleasures of sweet champagnes; the qualities of Sussex bubbly; and much more, besides.


Snow Days!

Flurries of snow came with the freezing weather this week – but neither the arctic temperatures nor the white stuff daunted Mark Martin and his team.

The result of their work: A shed filled with bookcases.

And it turns out that Much Ado staffers were not to be outdone – no sooner were the bookcases installed than David Newman and Kay Hussey rolled up their sleeves and set to work cleaning shelves and – hooray! – shelving books.

Printing at Kings Academy, Ringmer

We took a little time from setting up our new operations to bring our trusty Adana Press to the Kings Academy in Ringmer.

Prospero’s Project – the social enterprise arm of Much Ado – has been supporting the library there with donations of books. And they kindly invited us to meet some students and lead a printing project – who could resist? We set some words suitable for Valentine’s Day (can you guess what four-letter word might have figured largely?), and let the kids print cards for the occasion.

We also took along rubber stamps, so they could decorate the cards.

A great time was had by all! Hope we can go back soon . . .

Uppercase and Flow . . . Distracting our contractors?


The latest issues of both Flow and Uppercase have arrived. Hope they don’t distract our builders too much!

Envious of Mark (he’s reading Flow No. 20) and John (inspired by Uppercase No. 36)? You can have us post copies to you – click here to see our webpages with ordering details . . .

Love in the Air?

IMG_0600What to do for Valentine’s Day?

We were pleased to find a gorgeous anthology called The Love Book.

But we couldn’t leave it at that, so we’ve paired The Love Book with a bundle of papers, lace, ribbon, and other bits and bobs – including blank cards – so you can express your love with your own handmade card!

All for just £12.50 . . . Click here to read more and order your package (while supplies last, of course – we don’t have many!)

Hurry Up and Wait . . .

The latest news from the world of shepherd’s huts: Wait for it.

We were expecting the addition to our yard last week, and contractor Mark Martin took advantage of some unexpectedly lovely weather to get everything ready for it’s arrival.

As soon as he finished we heard the construction was delayed. Since then the drip-feed of shepherd’s hut news has consisted entirely of delays – most recently, flu-related. We don’t  know quite when to expect it, but nobody struck down with the flu is likely to be delivering a shepherd’s hut any time soon.

We are awfully sympathetic, but frustrated. The knock-on effect is maddening; we can’t put bookcases in a shepard’s hut that doesn’t exist. So we can’t put books on the bookcases that aren’t there. So we can’t free up cartons and space for other books, and we can’t . . . Well, in a funny way it almost feels as if we can’t do anything.

Above you can see Mark, digging up ground to place supports. And a photo of the framework he made, to help with working out the placement. For now, that’s as close as we’ve come to having a shepard’s hut . . .

The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock

mermaid flatlayWhat a treat to discover a debut novel as enthralling as The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock!

Imogen Hermes Gowar has produced a remarkable tale, embroiling us in Georgian London among merchants and courtesans.

It is not just the convincing historical details that makes this novel such a treat, although they certainly help. Imogen has also imbued her tale with convincing characters, a compelling plot, and a dash of magic that brings depression rather than joy.

So how to celebrate the discovery of such a delightful book? We’re offering a special pre-order price, so customers can buy it for £10.50 instead of £12.99. And we’re holding a special party in the shop, which is under construction – customers can pick up their copies, enjoy light refreshments, and also have a preview look at the work underway.

We’ve also scheduled a book group discussion for our customers.

We’d love you to join us – click here to learn more . . .