Prospero’s Project Opening Party

No posts for awhile; the last few weeks of working on our new venture were a bit distracting. Months of planning and thinking and overseeing and deciding and changing our minds and fretting . . . Now all behind us: Prospero’s Project is open!

And what a pleasure it is! If you missed the party, here are some images – most of the photographs taken by James Ratchford.

Thanks are due to authors Damian Barr, Jo Fairly, Juliet Nicolson, Lynne Truss and Jacqueline Wilson who together cut the ribbon in front of a crowd numbering 100 or more.

Thanks, too, to everyone who came, for helping make it such a memorable day!

A centerpiece of the day: The unveiling of a specially-commissioned artwork by Su Blackwell – click here to see photos of it.

Come along to see it for your self . . . Prospero’s Project is open Friday through Monday, from 1 until 5pm.

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