Hurry Up and Wait . . .

The latest news from the world of shepherd’s huts: Wait for it.

We were expecting the addition to our yard last week, and contractor Mark Martin took advantage of some unexpectedly lovely weather to get everything ready for it’s arrival.

As soon as he finished we heard the construction was delayed. Since then the drip-feed of shepherd’s hut news has consisted entirely of delays – most recently, flu-related. We don’t  know quite when to expect it, but nobody struck down with the flu is likely to be delivering a shepherd’s hut any time soon.

We are awfully sympathetic, but frustrated. The knock-on effect is maddening; we can’t put bookcases in a shepard’s hut that doesn’t exist. So we can’t put books on the bookcases that aren’t there. So we can’t free up cartons and space for other books, and we can’t . . . Well, in a funny way it almost feels as if we can’t do anything.

Above you can see Mark, digging up ground to place supports. And a photo of the framework he made, to help with working out the placement. For now, that’s as close as we’ve come to having a shepard’s hut . . .

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