Doors (closing & opening . . .)

David unpackingSlowly, and then quickly: Our shop changes have for so long been a figment of our imaginations that we can hardly believe the moment has arrived for action.

Sunday, Much Ado is much as it has been for seven years, housed in a street-side building on two floors. Monday, the doors will be closed and – despite planning for events which are exciting us – the era will be over.

At times the process of changing seems straight-forward. Those times are becoming rarer, replaced by mid-level panic. What now? What needs to be packed – or unpacked – or moved? Kept – or discarded – or kept to be sold later – or, something else? What happens now, and what do we have to do in order to let it happen?

Fortunately we have a level-headed contractor who knows when to step in and assert some direction. Step one: Clear space in our yard for a new shepherd’s hut, which will be fitted with bookcases and filled with books.

No: Step one is to decide what bookcases we can move from the current shop into the shepherd’s hut.

No, wait: Step one is actually to decide what books we want to keep on display, and what we want to keep, and what we want to let go.

Oh, wait – before that, what about the chickens?

Wait. Breathe. Sit a minute. We’ll get there – we really will.

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