Prospero’s Project & Much Ado Books

Prospero’s Project is an arm of Much Ado Books, our bookshop in Alfriston, East Sussex.

This blog is inspired by a transformation of Much Ado in January 2018. We’re moving the physical premises of the shop into our barn, and we’re adding a fabulous shephred’s hut to be filled with old books. But some of the changes are not physical; we are re-dedicating the shop as a Social Enterprise, to emphasize our goals of sharing books in the wider world.

Prospero’s Project is both our term for the shop’s Social Enterprise and the name we’ve given to our new offering, which will fill the building that housed Much Ado. It is not simply any one thing; you will find books for sale (if we love them); book arts on display (sometimes); craft demonstrations (occasionally); workshops (from time to time); a writing space (for anyone needing a place to write, jot, compose and use); a meeting place (when needed – for book groups, for intstance); pop-up publisher’s shops (as and when) . . . A bit of everything from the many worlds of books and publishing.

The Social Enterprise part supports different initiatives, and has developed from work we’ve done over the past 15 years to raise funds for organizations that support a love of reading. (You can learn more on our website by clicking here.)

Currently we are developing a project giving new books to clients of foodbanks. We think it vitally important to reach people who may not be in a position to own books – or even to reach a library – with books they can enjoy. So we’ve been supplying hundreds of books to foodbanks in Hailsham and Eastbourne, and hope to expand the number of foodbanks we work with – we recently began working with a foodbank in Newhaven.

We are also working with local schools, including the Ringmer Academy. From helping supply books for their libraries to printing projects with the students, we hope to share the pleasures of reading.